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Fatigue and Heat and Making Decisions
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I'm usually a very decisive person and don't have trouble choosing amongst alternatives. Nor do I usually have a problem accepting the one possibility when no others exist (rather than flailing around with accusations and regrets). [If life gives you only beans, then choose beans.]

But when I'm tired (or in the morning before I'm truly awake), I have problems with making a decision. It's as though there is a certain amount of psychic energy required, and what I have available has been used up or not activated yet (mornings).

Maybe that's why I have so little will power (or won't power) late in the day. My job requires me to act decisively and quickly all day long, and by the end of the day, I'm done. Finished. Finito. Gauge on "E", even though I may not be physically tired.

Then there's the effect of the heat. MS means I'm more sensitive to heat and when my body temperature goes up, my brain functions seem to disintegrate. About all I'm good for are the low-level daily routine tasks. Decisions? Hah.

Even though my job has nothing to do with food, for instance, it seems to be difficult to make any kind of decision, even what to have for dinner. It's as though all my decision-making energy has been used up.

Weekends are different. Though I'm running around, doing errands, or home cleaning the house or doing laundry or weeding the garden, I'm not making the kind of difficult, weighing-one-set-of-criteria-against-another, decisions I do all day long at work. I have a much more even supply of psychological energy, and things run much more smoothly.

Unless, of course, it's like yesterday: 109 and baking in the sun. Decision was mostly to sit in the shade and drink iced tea. That's what polar bears do.

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