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Friday and Payday
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Friday, a Friday after a holiday for employees (unpaid) and a payday, to boot.

And did they really expect people to come to work?

I wish there were some way I could thank, individually, every person who hoisted him/herself out of the bunk this morning in the pre-dawn dark and cold, did the morning ablutions, and scuttled down the dimly lit early dawn streets to work.

It wasn't easy.

And it's payday, a day that many people take off. I have always wondered why. Please 'splain to me. I don't get it.


Thanks for your suggestions on a color scheme for October. I'll look and see what's available (color schemes pre-set, one can choose from list). What color is anticipation?


Two major street blockages on my way to work. It's unusual for Los Angeles to have whole blocks cordoned off. One was near the police station. I could see a huge crane on the road and big construction equipment. I suppose they have to park them somewhere.

The other was a motorcycle vs. SUV accident. Emergency rescue and police everywhere, lights and barriers and two very upset people from the SUV. The motorcyclist was being treated, being put on a backboard. The SUV was badly damaged, so it must have been a solid hit, rather than a glancing blow.

Not that there's any way a motorcycle accident could be considered one of those "oops excuse me" kinds of accidents.


Break over. Time to inhale the rest of my coffee (sputter, gasp) and get back to the daily grind.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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