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Let Me See if I Understand Correctly
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The platform of the Republican party is something like this:

The elderly, the poor, the sick are on their own. Their situations are proof ipso facto that God is not pleased with them. Privatize Social Security, Medicare, ADC (which will fatten the bottom line for GOP friends, the insurance companies and financial institutions). They really ought to just go somewhere quietly to die and stop bothering us.

Children are not worthy of a free, public education. The Department of Education is to be abolished, and all knowledge brought down to the level of the ignorant white small town village resident.

There is nothing wrong with the environment. The efforts to protect the environment must be abandoned. Scientific research is a hoax, especially when it comes to climate change or evolution.

The financial industry runs this country. It must be allowed free rein, to run unfettered, unregulated, for the good of the major corporations and all real Americans (white, middle class).

Homosexuality is evil. Gays and lesbians must be shoved back in the closet, military discrimination reimposed against gays and lesbians, or better, elimated completely. I figure it's only a matter of time until one of our Repubs proposes a "final solution".

Immigrants are bad. Deport them. Then there will be more jobs as gardeners, nannies, and custodians for real Americans.

The unemployed are slackers. If God loved them, they would have jobs. Cut unemployment insurance.

Children aren't important. Besides cutting spending on education, also cancel nutrition programs. Let their parents worry about them, even if they're poor.

Rraise taxes on the middle class and poor, not on the wealthy. The wealthy have proven themselves worthy and deserve lower taxes.

Well, I guess that covers it. The Puritan ethic lives. Where do I cast my ballot? Wait...voting should be restricted to white, well-to-do males, so I would have no right to vote in the GOP scenario. Wasn't that the original intent of the framers of the Constitution?

Read/Post Comments (9)

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