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The Return of the Prodigal
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Misty (Artemis, the Huntress) returned last night. This time she had been gone so long, I thought she had perished.

But no, out of the darkening evening I heard a familiar meyowl, and there she was, standing just beyond the tomato patch.

At first she was wary--had she forgotten me?--and it took a while before I could get her to come to fingertip's reach and accept a tiny ear rub.

Within minutes she remembered that I was her person and since then I haven't been able to go anywhere without her. She sat with me while I ate dinner. She parked herself on my mouse hand so I had to type one handed and use the touchpad, she slept by my head.

She was quite lively and vocal and seemed in good spirits.

I assume she'll fill up on cat kibble and ear skritches, then be off again. She's awfully scrawny and her fur could use some good foot and attention, but she is far too independent to settle down and be a house cat.

And, I suppose, one of these days she'll disappear for good.

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