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Happiness may be a warm puppy (thank you Charlie Brown), but it's also having a cool climate for working and playing.

The heating system in our office broke down last week and we've had to deal with ambient temperatures in the 60's. Low 60's. I loved it. Everyone else brought electric heaters to put under their desks, proudly announcing that, collectively, they'd managed to raise the room temperature to 80. !gasp!

My office is semi-enclosed, so I was able to keep it cool, especially when my boss was downtown dealing with disciplinary issues. (When discipline reaches the level of time off without pay or dismissal, there has to be a hearing with all sorts of agencies represented). With him out of the office, I get all the phone calls--but I also get to keep my office at a comfortable working temp. A compensation of sorts.

Yesterday afternoon the maintenance/repair folks brought the part to fix the heating system, so I suppose on Monday it will be running full blast again, ruining a perfectly lovely winter day. I just will never understand why people don't just put on a warm pair of socks, an extra sweater, a funky ruana for extra warmth.

No, they'd rather dry out their nasal passages and be able to expose as much skin as possible: arms, chest, legs, midriff. It's funny how those who want it warmer always seem to prevail over those of us happy with the way it is.

Grumble done for the day. On to more productive matters, like ordering a replacement power cord for my Kindle, so I can keep a spare in my bag for when the Kindle needs recharging and I'm away from home.

Do I love my Kindle or what. Now, about that puppy....

Read/Post Comments (10)

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