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The things I ruminate on early in the morning, often driving in the dark on the way to my Starbucks...the pre-cup of coffee musings...

It seems to me that there's a type of personality that views human relationships in terms of hierarchy and authority. These people see the right order of things as being ordered from top to bottom by values such as power, intelligence, money, social position, skin color, IQ, and so forth.

Those at the top of the authoritarian pyramid are, by virtue of their position and power, accorded the right (usually by God) to exercise authority over others who are deemed the lesser breeds, the weaker sex.

It follows, then, that people exhibiting authoritarian/dominance personalities would view the world in both sexist and racist terms. Women are the weaker sex, passive, cooperative, sensitive, less intelligent and therefore can act properly only by being required to conform to the socially or religiously defined cultural norms. Masculinity sets the standard.

And those who are of a different race and/or of an alternate culture or religion are not only outsiders, but outside the pale of human relationships. Lesser beings, outside the law, accorded little respect as people.

No wonder our first UU principle is that we affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person. [I would prefer that it said every sentient being.] It is the foundation of all our beliefs and actions. Every person has some degree of sexism/racism in his/her private attitudes (I don't think it could ever be eradicated) but affirming and promoting the worth and dignity of every person goes a long way, by treating every person with respect, toward counteracting biased views.

I myself have a prejudice against a particular group, not found much on the west coast. When I do come across a person of that culture, I have an automatic red flag to myself that reminds me to set aside my preconceived notions and deal with this person as an individual, worthy of respect and fair treatment.

I am embarrassed to have such a prejudice. I see myself as an egalitarian, and it violates my own beliefs to react in a negative way to someone before I even know who they are. I work on it constantly, to affirm the worth and dignity of every person.

I'm still learning. Ancora imparo.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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