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Cat Alarm Clock
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If it weren't for the cat and her insistence that I get up and feed her, I'd probably still be in bed. There are just some mornings when it doesn't seem worth the effort to gnaw through the bindings and attain verticality.

It's cold and dry. My lips and nose are all dried out and red, in spite of all the lip balm. Lipstick is no help, either.

In a moment of weakness, I agreed to be on a committee which is meeting this morning at Emerson after the service, so I really do have to do the morning ablutions, find something presentable to wear...and have a cup of coffee.

Aha! That's may be the problem. I haven't wrapped myself around my first cup of coffee of the day. I really need that jolt of starter fluid. I don't drink a lot, smoke, or use drugs, but I do love me a good cup of joe in the morning. Or two. Or three. Aw, heck, just leave the pot.

They say that SAD (seasonal affective disorder) affects just about everybody, to a lesser or greater degree, depending on the individual. It does look to be a sunny day today, so maybe I'll catch some therapeutic rays.

Definitely not going back to bed. That's a dangerous downhill slope. I used to watch my mother deteriorate in her depressions when she refused to get out of bed, some episodes lasted for days. Lying around just made it worse.

So, I tell the body and spirit, rise and shine. Well, if not shine, arise anyway and pretend.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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