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Sunday's Dinner and Other Stuff
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The salad for 80 people went fine. Mixed the greens in 3 huge, industrial kitchen sized bowls, added the dressing (with extra basalmic vinegar for flavor), tossed the greens and then portioned them out into 10 serving bowls.

Only to discover that we had on hand 9 bowls only, so a serving dish was pressed into service. No one complained, least of all the dish itself, which got to enjoy the pretty tables and good conversation instead of languishing alone in the dark deserted storage bin.

After the greens were distributed to the 10 bowls, then each bowl was topped with chopped goodies--avocado, green onion, celery, radishes, and so forth. They looked quite festive.

Two things we'll add in the future. We'll have a bowl of undressed salad for people with allergies. They can bring their own dressing or eat it plain.

And we will publish the menu, so that vegans can decide what they want to do. We had vegetarian lasagne with side dish of meat sauce to spoon over it, if so desired. Interesting to me that few people availed themselves of the extra sauce, and were quite happy with the vegetarian lasagne as presented.

As you no doubt expected, in a gathering of nearly 80 people, there were one or two nit picking nay-sayers. They are invited to bring their own food, or help with the planning and serving next time. Low tolerance for those who sit back, let others do the work, and then complain.

On to other topics: garden giddy with delight in all this rain. Cats just plain giddy with morning craziness.

Hope your Monday is full of joy and light. I'm so glad you've shared a bit of your day with me, reading this journal.

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