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A Chore or War?
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One would think that making the bed was a simple chore. One smoothes out the sheets, pulls up the covers, arranges the bedspread, fluffs and lays out the pillows. Done, in a trice.

But one would be wrong.

One is not merely performing a homely daily chore. One is providing massive entertainment (war games) for the cat.

The minute the cat sees hands grasping the top hem of the sheet, the cat is there to help the sheet remain in its rumpled state, holding it in place by sheer body weight.

Overcome by overwhelming fabric movement, the cat is diverted to the covers, where surely an enemy lurks. See? There! The big fold in the middle moves as one attempts to tug it straight. Claws deployed! Attack!

As one moves to the other side of the bed to replicate the movement, the cat follows, ever ready to assist in the battle against incredible odds. Was that a twitch of a bedspread? Quick! Holding it down, the cat has vanquished the enemy. It no longer moves, but lies there, quiescent and flat.

Hold! One approaches with a pillow. Can cat lay down in the pillow's appointed spot before the pillow arrives? Drat! The pillow was too heavy and cat is forced to slither out from under it and retreat to the foot of the bed, tail twitching.

Undaunted, cat will be ready for combat once again tomorrow morning (after an all-day snooze today).

Read/Post Comments (8)

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