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9:15 a.m. and All's Well in L.A.
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I'm always aware of a bit of confusion as I write "L.A." because my friends in Louisiana live in "LA". I don't really live in L.A. central, but in one of the 'burbs; it's just easier to say Los Angeles, L.A., than to explain to people not familiar with this neck of the woods where I actually live.

There was a brief period of cloudiness this morning and I had hopes that the clouds were an augury for cooler weather, but they burned off right away and the sky is once more clear and blue. Whatever happened to "June gloom", the traditional weather for this time of year? We used to hear the weather prognosticators, time and again, say, "Low clouds and fog, clearing to sunshine in the afternoon." So often, in fact, that it's memorized. You start saying it and everyone around here can chime in.

Anyway, the clouds did nothing to ameliorate the temperature, but did manage to raise the humidity, and did nothing for the humility quotient (nothing ever does). So not only are the temperatures still hovering around 90, so the stickiness factor is high, too. And no one is ever humble.

Damn! I just knocked over my cup of coffee, so I had to wipe off desk, floor, take off jeans and soak out the coffee stains.

And it's still only 9:30!

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