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Set Point or Setback?
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In an effort to be mindful, pay attention to what you do when there's no urgent or time-critical task at hand, like getting the children off to school or typing up a term paper or making dinner or getting to an appointment on time.

What do you do as the default, your set point, when you have open time? Usually a person has one or two things they fall back on: watching TV, checking Facebook, reading email, doing housework (I have a friend who likes to iron), knitting, playing an instrument. And many others, too numerous to list.

Some of these are passive, distracting defaults: having the TV on and puttering around. Playing online games and waiting for the other person to take his/her turn. Checking Facebook and email. Playing Solitaire.

For some, it's alcohol or drugs or food.

I think the VA has televisions on in every room to encourage patients to sink into mindless viewing, passive living (if you can call that living).

Other personal defaults when there is leisure time are activities which enhance life and pursue some enjoyable, meaningful purpose. Practicing the piano, reading, photography, woodwork might come under this heading.

Consider, though, that what might be a mindless, distracting pursuit for one person might be a life-enhancing activity for another. No easily-defined rule here.

The interesting questions remain: what is your default activity? Does it enrich your life, or just pass the time?

funny pictures - Cyoot Kittehs of teh Day: Curl Up With a Good Book

Read/Post Comments (3)

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