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Parkinson's Dementia !
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Parkinson's Dementia affects the judgment, analysis, administrative functions of the brain.

This morning's conversation with N was a perfect example.

The tenant of the rental property (he's a contractor himself) called me with suggestions for improvement in comfort and safety: replace security doors (which had holes cut in them by previous tenant), put in ceiling fans, replace broken windows, add a skylight for a very dark livingroom.

I said yes, initially, then thought I'd better check with N, since it's his house and I'm just the go-between.

To my horror, N's response was to say, no, the first priority was to fix the shed (huge outbuilding) in back, which needs to be jacked up and the foundation replaced.

WHAT?? I practically screamed at him in frustration. A shed for storage of books and old furniture is more important than the comfort and safety of the tenant? I had anticipated that he might balk at some of the improvements, but it never crossed my mind that he'd want the shed done first.

He wants to be able to inventory his stuff and see what has been "ripped off".

When I had calmed down enough to speak in a normal voice, I called the tenant and gave him N's cell phone number, so they can speak directly. I refuse to be the broker, the go-between any more.

I do not deal well with crazy situations, even when I know it's just part of a person's mental disability.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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