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This and That
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Sue occasionally heads her journal entries "This and That" and I think it fits my frame of mind today perfectly.

This: Walk this morning was delightful with the air so soft and full of moisture. I met an elderly couple (i.e., older than I) walking their little sausage dog. The dog greeted me like a long-lost dear friend, though we've never met before. Dogs!

That: Setting up email was ridiculously easy, once I found my fancy-dancy password, which I had written down in my financial ledger. I have a notebook/ledger which has all the minutiae that modern life requires--bank account numbers, passwords, phone numbers, snail mail addresses, and so on. I finally wised up and started writing the passwords in pencil (you know why, I'm sure).

More of That: A delightful task today will be to look up the address of the Los Angeles County Arboretum and also get the driving instructions. I have GPS and Siri on my phone, but I'm not there yet, as far as using them. One app at a time. The weekend before Christmas Anita and I are going there for a day trip. It's been too long since we've spent time together F2F.

Speaking of That, Verizon and Apple both have free classes to help beginners like me. I think I'll take one. Or two. In person, hands-on instruction will answer most of my questions, once I've initialized stuff with usernames and passwords.

Another This: Starbuck's has a really delicious Christmas blend, best consumed black IMHO. I'm enjoying a cup of it right this minute. Yum!

Life is good and I am grateful to be alive.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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