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Connectivity is Wonderful and Other Trivia
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This morning while brushing my teeth, I hit the 'on' button for the computer, then resumed my morning ablutions. When I finally sat down with a cup of coffee to write a journal entry, check my email, and generally raise hell -- no wireless connection.

Very unsettling. Sure, I can read and clean house and talk to friends. I'm not without other ways to connect in my life, but it was borne upon me once again how much my connection to friends and family (that's you) is dependendent upon having an internet connection.

Had a cup of coffee and a heated discussion with housemate (she's feeling edgy and depressed, and that's OK, it happens to us all), and came back to find out -- ta dah! -- that wireless access had been restored. It's a miracle (any technology not fully understood comes under the heading of magic).

So...bread is in the bread machine (Red Mill mix). I'm making 10 grain bread this time. I used olive oil and just a teaspoon of agave sweetener to make the yeast happy. This time I'm making simple basic bread, no herbs or cheese or raisins. Yesterday I made potato bread and rye bread. They freeze well, and in hot weather I don't have to bake, just pull a loaf out of the freezer and let it thaw (or use a slice at a time and leave the rest frozen). Toasted? Yum!

The trick with bread machines is to put in the water, oil, and yeast first, then put the flour on top. Mixes much better that way. A beaten egg added at the beginning with the water is quite nice, too, and improves the protein content.

Since my coffee cup is nearly empty, time to go downstairs for a refill. Have a beautiful day, my friends.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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