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Saturday Solitude
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Lots of chores for Saturday morning, and I can enjoy them in solitude. Solitude and serenity have been in short supply recently, as I have been in social situations for several days now, too busy even to write a proper journal entry.

Wednesday I had my class in the morning, lunch with a friend and then a UU evening seminar after dinner with B.

Thursday was B's birthday, with a constant stream of mutual friends in and out all day--great fun--and then in the evening a special sushi/sashimi dinner party at a restaurant nearby, which lasted until the place closed. (They were very nice about staying open after normal closing when I paid the check plus a hefty tip).

Friday I was looking forward to some peace and quiet, when my sister-in-law called, in crisis, and wanted to get together to talk. Most of the day was spent listening and sympathizing. She's in the kind of situation that does not call for advice (everything that can be done is being done), but for an understanding and empathic ear (or two).

It was exhausting, as active listening always is. She is somehow managing to get through each day, one foot in front of the other, breathing in, breathing out. Every part of me wants to help, but there is nothing for anyone to do but let events unfold as they will, and be there to listen and console, as needed.

So we come to Saturday morning. B gave me the delightful news that she had an all day conference to attend, could she borrow the car (since public transportation is so dreadful in this city). Oh, yes, definitely. Stay away as long as you like...not terribly gracious, so I didn't put it that way.

More like, take your time, I have no plans to go anywhere I'd need the car.

Blissful solitude, me and the sleeping cat.

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