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Honest-to-Goodness Rain
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Now *this* is what I call rain. Not the occasional smattering; not the dampening of the dust on the car's finish (turning it to mud); but an honest-to-goodness, beating-on-the-roof rain. (My cell phone app says "light rain" but I emphatically disagree.) Humidity is 100%.

I love it. I'm strange that way. I love weather--the kind that demands a person make note of it before heading inside for cats and coffee.

Of course, I don't have to get out and drive long distances in it any more, contending with idiots who seem to have forgotten how to drive once the streets are wet. That makes a big difference in my attitude, I'll admit.

I had to smile when I re-read yesterday's entry. Obviously I was pretty buzzed and was having trouble writing a coherent sentence. I remember having to go over the words to get them all spelled correctly (not usually a problem for me). B tells me I'm pretty funny when my state of mind is altered. Not because I'm trying to be humorous, but because of the contrast with my normal mode.

I don't remember much else about yesterday except Hillary Clinton's spirited intelligent pushback against Republicans who were trying to score political points by using the Benghazi incident. Senator Rubio, you need to know what you're talking about if you're going head to head with a policy wonk. And Senator McCain like someone who has found a talking point or two and is going to repeat them over and over, no matter what the topic at hand. I think he's ready to retire.

Yesterday morning was the learning in retirement class, where we discussed spy Robert Hanssen. I remember his capture; the whole story of how he remained active in a high security position right under their noses for years is fascinating. And I knew nothing about his connection to Opus Dei, shared with the Asst Dir of the FBI, Louis Freeh (and others).

That would be a fascinating topic to pursue. Maybe in another lifetime.

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