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Silver Linings?
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A friend and I went to see "Silver Linings" last night. As if I hadn't already had a surfeit of crazy people for my viewing pleasure....

Like Homeland, Silver Linings was well done. The portrayal of the bipolar swings, especially the manic phase was so accurate, it was scary. I live next door to a guy very much like Pat Solitano.

There were four secondary "out there" characters that were all intended for comic relief: his father, his father's friend, Pat's buddy from the asylum, and Pat's brother-in-law. It's nearly impossible for me to perceive anything funny or humourous about mentally disturbed people, whether ADD or OCD or whatever. I don't care how well they were portrayed.

The other main character, Tiffany, was a damaged psyche as well, nicely portrayed but not nearly so convincingly as the others.

And for the life of me, though it was a "feel good" ending, I cannot imagine how their lives go on from there, though I have heard that two broken people can fit together in a way that keeps them both functional.

Anyway, it was a good movie, not great. Recommended.

p.s. If you do see it, watch the size of the pupils in the closeups. One character has very large pupils, even in bright light, compared to those of the other players. Subliminal message?

Read/Post Comments (2)

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