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Meatless Mondays
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A couple of months ago, maybe three months ago, we decided to do meatless Mondays. Partly, I suppose, because my vegetarian friends are always reminding me that treatment of feed animals is inhumane and that our current American diet is not a healthy one, too heavy on protein and meat laced with antibiotics and growth hormone.

The meatless Monday didn't start out with any fanfare or huge commitment. It simply involved including in the shopping cart the ingredients for a well balanced vegetarian meal once a week. And then remembering to prepare it.

Of course, I, in my enthusiasm, bought veggie burger makings in a box. Not just one box, but six on sale. We now have the basis for several weeks/months of veggie burgers, which are not my favorite entree. I've put 5 of the boxes in the freezer so that they won't go stale/rancid.

I seem to have been born with the motto, "If enough is good, too much is better."

We have also found ourself including more fruits and vegetables on the other days of the week, just because it seems like a good idea (and I'm developing a taste for them). My digestive system is happier and I'm off my BP meds (with doctor's approval). That's a good thing.

The other idea that's been in the back of my mind has been to get a juicer and make fruits/veggies into a drink. Between visiting my husband at the VA and going to an class for seniors, I'm spending a lot more time away from home again. A thermos of juice would be more portable (and potable) than a salad.

Recommendations? I'm actively seeking suggestions.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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