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Crossword Puzzles
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I love crossword puzzles. Back in the day, my first husband would start chattering away to me in his usual enthusiastic fashion (a fault we both shared) before noticing that maybe I might be doing something else that required concentration.

As a result, I took to doing crossword puzzles as a way of relaxing. Puzzles take concentration, but they can easily be interrupted and taken up again without losing the thread of a plot or interference with a suspenseful situation. I had always liked crosswords, but my 10 years with him really cemented the feeling. He didn't do puzzles himself, but he liked being asked to help.

I still do them, in a state that is both relaxed and alert. One might even call it a kind of meditative way of being. Great for those moments when down time is too short to start reading, but long enough to warrant some kind of mental exercise (and physical exercise is inconvenient or impossible).

The New York Times crosswords (iPad) are graded Monday through Saturday, easy to hard. The first clue for today's puzzle is "co-star of Another Cinderella Story 2008". The answer is "Selena Gomez" but I had to google it. Would you have known the actress off the top of your head? Me neither.

I prefer the kind of puzzle that has clues related to words/concepts that I know, plays on words, puns, that sort of thing. Obscure movie stars, pop celebrities, or antiquated sports figures don't make for an enjoyable puzzle. IMHO

The Sunday NYT puzzles are also graded easy to difficult as we progress through the weeks of the month. Since tomorrow is 4th Sunday, I imagine it will be a hard one and the week after (5th Sunday) will be a lulu. Such fun!

Time to sharpen the virtual pencil and grab a cuppa. Hope you enjoy your Saturday!

Read/Post Comments (5)

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