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Odd Day, But Pleasant
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I slept poorly last night (unusual for me), so this morning I stayed in bed and enjoyed an extra hour of snooze time instead of going for my walk.

That was a good decision, and was not tired at all the rest of the day. But it made for an odd feeling of being out of synch.

I kept having to remember that I needed to shorten all my usual patterns because I had less time in which to do them. Not upsetting at all, but a little odd, requiring extra attention.

Even by dinnertime, I found myself eating at 6 instead of my usual 5:30 (must have caught up 30 minutes along the way), and just now I'm getting around to my regular journal entry.

Last night's sleep was interrupted several times as I kept thinking of important things that needed to be done. Would I remember them the next day? Which one(s) had priority? What was I forgetting?

Bah, humbug. In the wee hours I got up, made a list (which I should have done earlier), went back to bed and slept like the dead, the chattering "monkey mind" finally stilled--you know, that nagging, nattering voice in your head that provides a counterpoint to everything you do. It was finally quiet, and I slept.

I've managed to take care of quite a number of things on the list and tomorrow I'll do the time critical ones remaining. The ones I can procrastinate on, well, they can wait.

Gadzooks! Whoever said that retirement was boring sure didn't know what he/she was talking about. I'd love to have some quiet solitude and see if I could achieve boredom for a few minutes.

Be careful what you ask for--notice I didn't say I wanted a whole lifetime of boredom, just a few minutes' worth, to sit and watch the birds, listen to the distant sounds of life, smell the fresh air.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow....

Read/Post Comments (6)

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