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"Life is Good"
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I hear and read that expression, "Life is Good" in various places and whenever it comes up, my response almost invariably is--yes, life is good.

I was ruminating on this idea while walking this morning (on an empty rumen stomach). What elements of my life do I call good, or satisfying, or bring me contentment?

Good things come in threes, so here are my three ideas:

My social network, in real life, and online (that's you!). My Emerson UU family is my extended family, and you are my friends, with whom I feel a genuine connection, both receiving and extending support and understanding.

Not that all my Emerson family and I always get along perfectly--we have our ups and downs, our tender moments and our tense moments. But through it all, we are there for each other, and that's what counts.

My activities--another of the factors that make living worthwhile. I get an enormous sense of satisfaction from events and classes, movies and potlucks, more so than I ever would from acquisition of material possessions. I have, in fact, begun to divest myself of possessions, giving me a startling sense of release and freedom.

I often think of dragons, perched on their piles of gold and gems, as very lonely. Dollars don't hug you back, hold your hand when you're sick, rejoice with you at every sunrise.

Work, believe it or not, has also made life worth living. When I was employed, I had a job that I felt was one which contributed to the general good for children and adults, and which also gave me pleasure (most of the time) in its technical demands.

Now I find that volunteer work and writing provide a similar pleasure, a joy in being able to be of service to others and in finding happiness in personal pursuits which both challenge and reward my efforts.

This sense of fulfillment comes from doing an activity that makes me feel like my life has purpose and meaning.

Life is good.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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