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Does Anybody Hear Me?
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We're having a meeting to discuss FY13 and FY14 today. The contents of the meeting involve closing up the income/expenditures gap for FY13 and discussing the proposed budget for FY14, the latter being somewhat controversial.

That's the content portion. But what I can't seem to get across to anybody is that the process portion of this meeting is vitally important, if we are to help people understand the issues and present them in a coherent fashion.

My concern is that the president of our organization is going to give an "overview" first. If, as is her habit, during that overview, she highlights the most controversial portion of the meeting and introduces her version of its resolution, she will first start a firestorm of argument and second ignite resentment when people feel they are being railroaded into agreement.

Process is important. We need to introduce FY13 first, find a successful and satisfying resolution to problems (piece of cake) and then, building on that warm and fuzzy feeling, introduce FY14 in as neutral a way as possible, making it clear this is informational only. The up/down vote doesn't come until the June meeting.

I fear that poorly executed process will scuttle the whole thing. I tried to share my views with the leadership, the ones with the loudest voices, but no one seems to get it--that process can facilitate or destroy the content.

Does anybody hear me?

Read/Post Comments (6)

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