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Southern California is experiencing out of the normal rain last night and this morning. During the 45 years I've lived in this part of the world, I've been rained on during the dry season only a handful of times. And it's cold, too!

The joke going around centers on the fact that so many people washed their cars this weekend, to get rid of the ash from the fires and the unusually heavy pollen fall from all the trees in bloom. Hundreds, thousands of newly clean cars naturally caused it to rain, right? Causality hilarity.

It would make more sense, I said, to think of the normal yearly California eddy (which brings in moisture called June gloom) plus the ash plume from the Springs fire causing moisture to condense around particles into raindrops. Stop it, they said, you're no fun. Too logical. We prefer to think of the magic caused by all those shiny clean cars.


In other news, the meeting went well yesterday. I spoke privately to the movers and shakers, the contentious ones, about process being important to the preservation and rational exploration of content, and they listened to me! Will wonders never cease. It's miraculous enough that I'm re-considering my opinion on religion.

Or not.

Chilly, damp, delightful morning. The feeder "socks" for the finches are soaked, so I'll wait for drier weather to refill them. The hummingbirds are flying barrel rolls, happy? trying to dry off? and their feeder is still 2/3s full.

Housemate B is stomping around, nerves wound tight as a drum, but civil enough. Certain things make her hyper; yesterday's budget meeting being one of them. She'll go to work soon and I'll have all this lovely weather and quiet house to myself, and no appointments planned until tomorrow morning.

As soon as it stops raining, I'll go for a walk. Then do some pickup and organizing in the computer room (how DOES it get so messy?) and then turn my attention to whichever of the many projects I have in progress appeals to me today.

I'm so grateful to be retired, and not out on the wet, slick streets on a Monday morning! The traffic will be bad today, guaranteed.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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