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Loudly Sing Cuckoo!
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Well, in this case, it's loudly sing mockingbird. We have one that has moved into our neighborhood and is rapidly developing a reputation for terrorizing small dogs, cats, and the occasional raptor. There seems to be a pair of them; they probably have a nest somewhere close.

The neighbors to the south have put out feeders for finches and hummingbirds now, so the little feathered darlings have more free food than ever. We're pretty sure there are nests in the tree that grows in the parkway, because the sidewalk is decorated with splashes of white.

I'm dreading going to Emerson today. After the service we have a scheduled semi-annual congregational meeting. The tension has ratcheted up so high, our president is resigning. Feelings are very strong about certain issues and my roommate is deeply committed to one position, since, in her opinion, she knows how a church should be administered.

She was a minister's wife, so I know she has lots of experience and insight (and I respect her opinion), but California is not Iowa. And we the congregation are not drawn from the same population and background. We see things differently and we should respect divergent views (see yesterday's entry).

As she is with her views on race relations, she is sure she is right and there's no discussion. As she says, "I'm done talking. I know what's right."

Would that it were so easy to have a final, definitive answer.

To anything.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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