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Special Words
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There are some words for which I find a particular enjoyment in their use, either hearing them or reading them. I'm not sure whether it's because of their meaning, or a resonance with how they sound, but in any case, here they are

Chrysalis: protective covering
Cinnamon: an aromatic spice; its soft brown color
Crystalline: clear, or sparkling
Diaphanous: gauzy
Dulcet: sweet
Effervescent: bubbly
Ephemeral: fleeting
Epiphany: revelation
Epitome: embodiment of the ideal
Ethereal: celestial, unworldly, immaterial

Evanescent: fleeting
Evocative: bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind
Exuberant: abundant, unrestrained, outsize
Felicitous: happy (adj.)
Incandescent: glowing, radiant, brilliant
Ineffable: indescribable, unspeakable
Inexorable: relentless
Insouciance: nonchalance (I have to use the French pronunciation)
Inscrutable: not easy to understand; mysterious
Iridescent: lustrous

Lilting: cheerful or buoyant in word, song, or movement
Lithe: flexible, graceful
Lullaby: soothing song
Luminescence: glow
Mellifluous: smooth, sweet
Misty: cloudy/foggy
Murmur: soothing sound
Myriad: great number
Nebulous: indistinct
Plethora: abundance

Quiescent: peaceful
Quintessential: most purely representative or typical
Radiant: glowing
Resonant: echoing, evocative
Resplendent: shining
Scintilla: trace
Serendipitous: chance
Serene: peaceful
Somnolent: drowsy, sleep inducing
Spherical: ball-like, globular

Succulent: juicy, tasty, rich
Susurration: whispering
Tintinnabulation: a ringing or tinkling sound
Vestige: trace
Zenith: highest point (versus Nadir)

What are some of your favorite words? Ones that feel crunchy or smooth or melt-in-your-mouth....

Read/Post Comments (6)

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