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Guns Don't Kill People; Bullets Do
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Logical, right? I imagine instances where people are pistol-whipped to death or bludgeoned by larger weaponry are fairly few and few between. Bullets fired from a gun are what kill.

Guns don't kill people; bullets do.

Anyway, I came across some statistics. Looking back at 09/11/01, we were attacked and approximately 3,000 people died. In response, we started two long, bloody wars and built a vast homeland security apparatus, trillions of dollars off budget, and at the cost of trashing our civil rights.

In the years from the end of 2001 through 2011, roughly the same time period as the Iraq War, 270,000 Americans lost their lives as a result of shootings, here at home. Our response? We weakened our gun laws. We continue to refuse to pass legislation which will keep weapons out of the hands of convicted felons and mentally unstable people, laws to restrict the size of weapon magazines.

Does this make any logical (or emotional sense)? Not to me.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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