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Did What I Usually Do
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Yesterday I was feeling really down and blue. (I wonder why "blue" is used for feelings of depression and sadness). Obviously the health issues and the social relationship issues double-teamed me and I felt overwhelmed.

So, after a teary episode and a nap, I did what I usually do to get past it, knowing that these rough times always do pass, given a little kick in the butt, a little effort, from me.

I got a hair cut. I paid bills. I washed a load of laundry, folded it, hung it up, put it away. I made the bed. I called the optometrist to ask if my glasses were ready. I spoke to a friend on the phone, who was very supportive and fun.

My funk lifted, and by the evening I felt much better. Today I resumed my usual schedule of my morning walk and early cup of coffee and bird watching. It was lovely to be back on an even keel.

I suppose yesterday was just one of those bumps in the road, where I was taking everything much too seriously. Because, you know, whatever my emotional reaction, feeling bad about circumstances won't change a thing. So I might as well accept the reality, and move on with my life.

In the long run, in 10 years, in 100 years, none of it will matter to anybody--or even be remembered. Good thing, too. What if the planet groaned under the pain of remembered injustice and suffering, increasing daily, unable to forget or forgive?

Some people, some groups, do live that way, perpetuating their pain, making sure that future generations suffer and hate as much as they do. And some do it on an individual level as well, nursing old grudges and fears, creating an angry, hyper-emotional life.

Perhaps we should remember the Golden Rule more often, and turn away from memory, letting go of pain and anger.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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