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Birds of Sarasota

As promised, from Sarasota. Click on any of these to get to the rest on Flickr.

Duckling to flamingo in flamingo park: "You gonna eat that?" At the flamingo park, mallards, moorhens, and a black swan have taken up residence, because people come to feed the flamingoes and there's lots of leftover food and nice nesting spaces.

Flamingo cleaning up. Too bad, duckling.

three moorhen chicks wonder where the adults are
Didn't know moorhen chicks were so tiny! These guys are wondering where the adults went.

moorhen chicks get found
Moorhen chicks get found.

Pelicans over the ocean.

tri-colored heron, stalking off to a quieter spot
Tri-colored heron at the marina, stalking off to a quieter spot.

blue heron telling me to get lost
I got too near a nest, though I never saw it. This is the female great blue heron telling me to get lost.

seriously annoyed blue heron
This is the male, with the same thought.

egret drops in on the neighbors
Egret drops in on the neighbors.

my friend's backyard
My friend's backyard.

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