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The on-going saga of my sister

When we last saw my youngest sister she'd been fired from her library job for bringing in, on her day off, the service dog puppy she's raising. Well, for that and for other acts of insubordination. The update is, there's a monthly meeting tomorrow of the library board, combined with the annual meeting of the library foundation. Someone on this blog suggested a service dog-in at which lots of people bring their dogs to the library at the same time. This isn't exactly what's planned for the meeting, but a number of people have offered to come speak. If they happen to be disabled, these speakers, and have to bring their dogs, well, then they do. This is my sister's email to them:

>>Michigan State University's law school provides information on service dog laws by state. They most recently checked their facts on Pennsylvania state law in January of 2012:

The U.S. attorney general also published a PDF brochure for Pennsylvania service dog law:

Both these sources state that Pennsylvania service dogs-in-training are guaranteed public access under the state law.

Some guide dog trainers go through an apprenticeship program and/or must pass exams (I did not ). But when that happens it's company mandated, not federally or state mandated. Company policy is not federal or state law.

The law is written exactly the way it is so that people no longer have to wait for ages to get a service dog from big traditional organizations. Anyone can train service dogs and no special "trainer" shingle is required.

The library is claiming this puppy is my "pet." The organization for which I volunteer bred the puppy, owns the puppy, insures the puppy, makes all medical decisions concerning the puppy and requires of me to make a commitment to follow a manual of over 100 pages on how to interact with the puppy. I am also obligated to meet monthly with a supervisor.

And, the law aside, allowing these pups into the library is the Right Thing To Do...

Thank you so, and Keep the Faith.<<

Thanks, youse all, for being interested, and I'll let youse know what happens.

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