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Heather covered the recovery of the car pretty well. For want of a tire, the theft was lost... She had to go through six kinds of hell to get it back, with cops giving her inaccurate information, bus drivers committing sins of omission, and psychotics holding pay phones hostage. But she made it home, with our Phoebe, last night around 7:30. In the meantime I was doing my level best to entertain her sister, mother, and nephew, who were joining us for dinner. Once Heather arrived, and unwound a bit, we went to Spettro, a nice little restaurant just a few blocks away (it's where we took you, Nick, when you visited -- the place with the flying skull logo). We had a nice dinner, and afterward Heather and I collapsed on the couch and watched television, and that was about it for the night. Tonight was similar -- lots of sitting. I did some work on Star*Line (only one more issue to finish, and then I'm gone, gone, gone), and read a lot, and la la la. I should work on my novel. There are some awesome scenes in my immediate future, and I've been watching them play out in my head all week. I just need to sit down and do them, but it's been an exhausting several days, as you might imagine, and I haven't felt up to it. Perhaps later tonight.

Anyway, that's about all I had to say. I'll be back in touch after Xmas, most likely. Lots to do between now and then, most of it fun. Hope you all have (are having) happy holidays.

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