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And, ah, right -- Heather and I keep forgetting to join forces to create a truly unified Table of Contents for Flytrap 2 (and she's sleeping now, so I can't get it from her now that I'm remembering), but, hey, I'll post the fiction and non-fiction stuff here for now, so you, my ethereal intimates, can begin your long slow waltz of factual-and-fictional anticipation. In that greatest of orders, the order alphabetical authorial, here we go:


"Hide-and-Seek," Stephanie Burgis

"Kank’s Last Breath," Michael Canfield

"The Labyrinth Tourist," Rudi Dornemann

"Death and Crow, Alone," Tracina Jackson-Adams

"Ginny’s Death," Kristin Livdahl

"The Ideas," David Moles

"The Lambton Worm," Sarah Prineas

"Born of Bones," Jenn Reese

"You’re Never Insane Girl Twice," John Sullivan


"The Lurking Shibboleth," Jed Hartman

"Firefly Champagne," Sean Klein

Life Among the Obliterati #2: "All Advice Is Terrible Advice, Plus Other Useful Advice," Nick Mamatas

Plus reviews by Heather and I, along with whatever additional weird stuff we decide to cram in crosswise, including most likely more Excerpts from the Book of Dead Beginnings. Those are fun to do -- y'all like them at all?

We'll get the poetry contents posted soon, then we'll do a fancy update to the official website, complete with a cover image for #2. Are you excited? Full of anticipation? Finding it hard to sleep at night because you're so twitchy at the prospect of future glee?

Yeah. For a lot of you, that's because it's nearly Christmas. But, once that's over, if you still feel all anticipatory, then it might just be because you're looking forward to Flytrap 2. Or so we like to think.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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