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Other Things and Songs
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James Morrow has a blog! Jim was one of my Clarion instructors, and taught me pretty much everything worthwhile I know about the importance of thematic consistency. I love his books, too, and Heather is presently reading his Godhead trilogy (and oh, how I envy her reading Blameless in Abaddon for the first time; such a brilliant book). I can't wait to read his The Last Witchfinder, which has finally found a publisher.


It's Hugo-nominating time! If you were a member of this year's or last year's Worldcon, you can nominate.

If anyone cares, here are the stories I published last year, which are eligible for nominating:

"Life in Stone" in Lenox Avenue (short story)

"In a Glass Casket" in Realms of Fantasy (short story)

"Hart and Boot" in Polyphony 4 (short story)

"Terrible Ones" in The Third Alternative (novelette)

Of course, stories from Realms of Fantasy never make the ballot, Polyphony is small-press and thus under the radar of most voters, and Lenox Ave. is new and online, so ditto. Oddly, the story from TTA would probably have the best chance, since it's a British magazine and this is a UK Worldcon.


And now, for no particular reason, a list of the next ten random songs to shuffle across my iTunes:

  • "Mr. Richard Smoker," Ween (cheerfully offensive, as is all the best Ween)

  • "30K Gs," Big Ass Truck (that's pronounced "thirty thousand gees," of course)

  • "Junkie," Poe (How'd this get in here? I don't even own any Poe...)

  • "21 and Invincible," Something Corporate (frothy pop!)

  • "Nobody Girl," Ryan Adams (the guy can sing...)

  • "All Over You," Live (it's like being in high school again!)

  • "Sissyneck," Beck (it's still like being in high school again! with whistling!)

  • "Fair," Ben Folds Five (okay, I guess this is college...)

  • "Everything's Alright," Jesus Christ Superstar cast album (definitely college, and this song still has the miraculous power to cheer me up almost instantly)

  • "Better Things," Fountains of Wayne (not sure how this got on here, either, unless my brother gave it to me... boppish little tune, though)

Read/Post Comments (2)

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