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9:30ish a.m.

My one and only writing goal for this, my once-fortnightly day off, is to edit the last 200 pages of The Genius of Deceit. (I edited the first ~100 pages yesterday.) Then I'll send it off to my agent, and see what she thinks. The writing's a bit ragged, and I wrote it before I learned to avoid comma splices, apparently, but by and large I'm pleased with the book. Otherwise, I'm just going to be listening to the plink and patter of rain, doing a little laundry, and writing this journal entry in bits and fragments.


Dora Goss has updated her journal, with parts 2 and 3 of her "Conversations with Pip." She's such a great writer.


Here are my nominations for the Campbell award: Definitely Barth Anderson and Sarah Prineas, since they're in their second years of eligibility now, and this is their last chance. I can be a little more fast-and-loose with the rest of my choices, since they're in their first years, and can be nominated next year, too. I'll probably go with K.J. Bishop, David Moles, and Sonya Taaffe. (I'm basing my info about who's eligible on the excellent Campbell Eligible Authors site.) Of course, if all these writers made the final ballot, I'd be hard-pressed to decide who to vote for. Fortunately, I'm not a member of the next Worlcon, so I can't vote anyway, but can only nominate! Ha! No hypothetical dilemma for me!

Nominations for the other categories are trickier. I'll let you know once I figure them out.


10:30 p.m.

Editing 65,000 words took me all day. Allll day. Granted, I took a break and went out to lunch for an hour (during which time I read the page proofs of my upcoming Asimov's story, "Bottom Feeding"), but otherwise, I worked straight through except for breaks to do laundry. I stopped for a while when Heather got home, had dinner, watched some TV... and then, back to the editing. Why do I bother to adhere to an entirely self-imposed deadline? I dunno. But there it is. I'm adhering. And now it's done, so I can get back to revising a few stories, and then, into the Bridge novel. Tra la. It's good to be busy.

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