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Making a To-Do About It
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This is one of those "Here's my to-do list!" entries.

Things I've accomplished so far today:

Sent some poems off to an editor. I finally got back into writing poems, and this morning I sent out another "Bestiary" poem and a couple of one-offs. We'll see if the editor wants any of them.

Cleaned the kitchen. The filthy, filthy kitchen.

Balanced my checkbook.

Filled out the "organizer" my tax prep guy sent me. Fortunately I spent a day last week neatly tallying-up and categorizing expenses, so this morning it was mostly a case of filling in boxes with information I already had. (A million thanks to Lisa Goldstein for recommending a tax preparer, and thus sparing me much anxiety.)

Answered almost all the e-mail in my inbox.

Finished reading Mad Dog Summer by Joe Lansdale.

Wrote to tell everyone who might conceivably care about the Best American Short Stories thing, including my various college English professors, because I knew they'd be pleased to hear it.

I also got invited to write a story for a great publication, but the deadline isn't until this Fall, so I'm not going to get started on it yet (though I have some good ideas). Details will follow in several months, probably.

Things I still need to accomplish this weekend:

Write a description of Rangergirl. (I've got a friend who wants to show a description to some foreign editors he knows. It's good to have such good friends!)

Finish writing the porn story. (It only needs another couple hours of work, probably, and the editor wants it soon, so that's a priority.)

Type/revise my mini-epic.

Write a couple of reviews.

Finish reading Night Visions 11.

Do a last revision of the Rangergirl spin-off story.

Go grocery shopping.

Read a bunch of short stories (this is kind of ongoing this year, though.)

So that's it, plus the usual weekendish sorts of things, like cooking, sitting-around-watching-DVDs, wandering in the rainy streets, etc. Should be doable, and whatever I don't accomplish, I can do on my day off next Wednesday. By the end of the month I expect to have the decks pretty much cleared, and be back into the Bridge novel with all my attention.

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