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Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't
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(taken from all over the place on livejournal)

(could mostly be subtitled "stupid things I've done," but not entirely)

  1. Driven 12 hours (round trip) for a chicken sandwich. Damn, that was a good sandwich.

  2. Cheated on a woman, and then, the next day, gone to Lilith Fair ("a celebration of women") with that woman.

  3. Acted as hangman at a mock-execution outside a University Dean's office, for entirely non-political reasons.

  4. Lay in the snow, drunk, and watched a total lunar eclipse.

  5. Gotten a score of 212,225 on Tetris (for the original Nintendo, "A" game, starting on level 7).

  6. Written a text-based adventure game.

  7. Helped someone make a Halloween costume based on a character from one of my own horror short stories, which she wore all night. (And when I started peaking on mescaline, wow, it really freaked me out)

  8. Dated girl A, who was dating guy B, who was dating girl C, while I was also dating girl C, and everyone knew about every other relationship. (So it formed, like, a rectangle. This lasted for, oh, about a week as a stable configuration.)

  9. Moved 3,000 miles across the country on a whim, to a town I'd never even visited, with no job lined up (and had one of the best years of my life there).

  10. Gotten drunk and sat in a hot tub and promptly passed out, only avoiding death by drowning thanks to the quick action of a couple of SF writers.

Huh. I thought this would be difficult, but now I've thought of two or three more, which I won't post because I don't want to psychologically scar my poor mother. I also left out all the obvious writing-related sorts of things, since so many writers read this journal.

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