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Wasting Away, Again
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11:30 a.m.

All I've assigned myself to do today, work-wise, is some reading. I have a book and a half to read for review, and about a week to do it. Shouldn't be a problem, and since I have ample time, I'm pretty much dawdling my morning away. I did a couple of loads of laundry and washed some dishes (while listening to the audiobook of Fortress of Solitude, which I like better now that there's some actual would-be-superhero shit going on, which reveals my shallow pulp-loving nature, I guess). This afternoon I'm going to Montclair to have lunch with some co-workers to bid farewell to kest, who's heading off on her European adventure soon. I figure I'll plow through one of these books this afternoon, and read the other this weekend. I'm also keeping up with my pledge to read at least one new short story (that is, published in 2005) a day. Many days I read more than that, but one a day is my minimum. Yesterday I read "The Kansas Jayhawk vs The Midwestern Monster Squad" by Jeremiah Tolbert, in Interzone, and it was great fun, with giant monsters roaming the countryside and wreaking destruction as part of an economic stimulus package for a post-scarcity economy. Cool idea, and quite funny.

The news predicted rain today, but instead it's sunny and gorgeous, so I think I'll go sit outside and read for a bit before heading off to lunch.

4:00 p.m.

Lunch was good. I hit the grocery store afterward and got some guacamole, so we can have tasty tasty burritos tonight. And, because I have a persistent cold which is best treated with lots of vitamin C, I got the ingredients to make margaritas. It's all about healthy living, y'all.

This should be a good evening -- we'll watch the Shield, eat, and be merry. Heather and I got some good news a couple of days ago, which we can't announce publicly yet (and no, it doesn't have anything to do with Hugo nominations, though I know plenty of people have gotten that sort of still-sekrit good news lately!). We'll tell y'all about it when we can.

We also got the cover image for Flytrap 4, created by our favorite artist, Richard Doyle, and I include it below for your perusal:

Pretty sweet, huh? It'll look much more clear in print, of course, but this gives you an idea. I'll post a high-res version of the magazine cover over at the Tropism Press website, once I actually, you know, lay it out. I'll also put up the complete table of contents soon (we're still waiting for some things from our featured poet and columnists). Flytrap 4 should premiere on schedule at Wiscon, but it's never too early to subscribe!

Hope y'all have a nice night.

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