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Rangergirl, Covergirl
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As promised, da-da-dum, here's the cover for The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl, by artist Michael Koelsch. The novel will be out in trade paperback from Bantam Spectra in December 2005. (Indeed, it's already listed at, for only $9.00. Buy early, buy often.)

(Click the image to for a larger version)

I dig this cover a lot. It (sort of) illustrates a specific moment from the book, while at the same time being representative of the book as a whole. Koelsch even got the Outlaw's shadow right -- it always stretches out long before him, even at high noon. It's very much a Western cover, but little anachronistic things about my protagonist -- the midriff-baring shirt, the rings -- set up a nice bit of cognitive dissonance, and the title should be a tipoff that there's something other than straight Western going on here. The spine and back of the book will be that same desert-yellow, which should really make the book stand out on the shelf, since it's an unusual color scheme. I even love the fonts, especially the one they used for my name. I think the art department at Bantam did a great job, and every time I look at this cover, I get happy.

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