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Life, Going On
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So... very... sleepy. Was up late last night, for no good reason, and then couldn't sleep when I went to bed, my brain running in little hamster-wheel circles. Don't know when I finally dropped off, but I'm guessing it was no earlier than 3 a.m., and I was up promptly at 7:30, stumbling around. Even with the rapid influx of coffee, I'm predicting a long and sleepy day.

I'm sure you're all dying to hear about the state of my weekend, so:

Good weekend! Friday night we watched some CSI and lounged about. Saturday morning we rose at the crack of doom (er, dawn, rather) and took the car to the shop to find out the cause of the mysteriously lit-up brake light. Left the car and got a fine breakfast at Mama's Royal Cafe, then ambled up to Piedmont Ave. for a while, wandering in the comic shop, and sitting on a bench in Key Plaza watching pigeons peck a bagel to death ("Better than television!" I remarked. "Well, better than network television," I amended). Heather went to get a massage at 11:30 and I entertained myself by reading all of the new LCRW (some good stuff in there!). When her massage was done, we ambled back to the shop, and the car was good as new (it was just low on fluids. Which I could've fixed myself, if I'd thought to check it). They didn't even charge us anything. I like our mechanic.

So then homeward, for a little housecleaning, some frolicking, and a nice long nap. We hit the grocery store (boo scary busy long-line grocery store) and stocked up on enough food to keep us alive for another week or so. And of course we also acquired stuff to make margaritas. Heather and I are both responding to stress in our own tried-and-true way: eating too much. And so this weekend involved cookies and milkshakes and oh, my, we were bad. We must be better. But it was a very tasty sort of decadence.

I got the check for "Robots and Falling Hearts", the collaboration Greg and I did for Realms. Got the best pay rate that magazine has given me yet, too. Even split in half, it's more than beer money!

Sunday Heather and I slept in, played World of Warcraft, and then went over to Susan and Matt's for a Hugo Loser's barbecue. Good booze! Great food! Grillmaster Matt makes a mean burger, hot dog, and corn-on-the-cob. Immensely pleasant. Heather got a headache after a couple of hours so we reluctantly left so she could go lie down in a dark room while I did exciting stuff, washing dishes while listening to a David Sedaris audiobook. We rounded out the night with more CSI.

This is the great good stuff of life, my friends.

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