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Interesting article in The Guardian about editors and editing. Apparently lots of editors don't edit much anymore, which is what I've been hearing for years. My editor, though, has been very hands-on, writing detailed and insightful letters, helping me shape and refine the book, helping me make clear things that are obvious to me, but not so clear to the reader. She's helped me with big-picture stuff and (to a lesser extent, because my prose is fairly clean) on a line-by-line level. Juliet told me she wanted to make the good book I wrote into the great book it could be. I dunno if we succeeded, but it's a much better novel than the one I sold her originally! And the one I sold was made better by the insightful criticism of my agent, Ginger. There comes a point in any novel, for me, when I get so close to the work that I can't see it anymore -- all I see is details, and the sense of the whole is lost to me. That's when a good editor is crucial, I think. Granted, working with a bad editor, one who is too pushy or who doesn't get your vision or has other big flaws, can be frustrating and annoying, but I've had precious few run-ins with bad editors, fortunately.

If I ever become like, ahem, certain bestselling authors I won't name, who insist that they're too good/successful/rich/important/brilliant to be edited, and who publish great sloppy books that desperately need an editor's help, just drop me a line and point me toward this entry, hmmm? I hope I never need the reminder.


This is not exactly new news, but I'm writing it up for A Certain Magazine today, so I'll point you to the transcript of Cory Doctorow's in-game Second Life book club he did last month. Some interesting stuff, and great screenshots.


Life is quiet and calm. Heather and I are going to get our marriage license tomorrow morning (it's my day off). Whoo! And this weekend we're going ring shopping, trying to find me a tux to rent, etc. It's marriagetastic!

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