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Joyful Noise
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Looks like the collection deal is definitely going to happen! I heard from my agent, the wonderful Ginger Clark, yesterday, and I'm pleased with the money Night Shade Books is offering and the rights they want. Ginger also reported some rumblings of possible foreign deals, but foreign stuff is always vapor, apt to whisp away and vanish without notice, so I'm not getting excited yet.

My day off was quite productive. Went out and bought vast quantities of beer, and attendant gifts, and cleaned the house (people will, inevitably, be coming to visit us next week, and I thought it'd be good if the place wasn't a total crapheap!). Heather and I met with the DJ last night, and I think that's the last vendor meeting we've got. We're a week and a day away from the wedding, and stuff seems to be coming together. I need to finish up my vows this weekend, but I'm not worried. I know what I want to say, and the vows have taken a comfortable anaphoric structure that I think will work well. (Is it strange that I think of my vows as a poetry reading/dramatic monologue? We can't escape our training...)

If journalling is light over the next week, don't be shocked. Relatives and friends are arriving all next week, so I'll be busy. I might slip an entry or two in sometime, though.

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