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Wedding. Wedding. Wedding. This has been the drumbeat of my life lately.

Lots of stuff got done these past few days. Did our final meeting with the DJ, went out to the wedding site and figured out some placement issues, finished making wedding favors, bought attendant gifts, settled on passages to be read at the wedding. There have been some last-minute shifts in who's coming (my grandparents flaked with a week's notice, sigh, and some of Heather's family we were expecting aren't going to come), so we've sent out some last-minute invites to local friends we didn't have room to invite before, and I'm waiting to hear back from them. We may have an empty table at the ceremony, or maybe not. It's hard to say at this point. Heather's out shopping with her mom now, getting flowers for corsages and whatnot.

I've managed to get some non-wedding-related stuff done this weekend, astonishingly. I just finished revising "Cup and Table" for the editor, and I dealt with some writing-related correspondence, and I wrote my review of 20th Century Ghosts. I'm about halfway through reading Specimen Days and I'm leaning toward calling it a novel rather than a collection of three novellas. There are enough interconnections in the three sections. If Stan Robinson's Years of Rice and Salt is a novel, by virtue of its recurring-characters-in-different-bodies-and-eras structure, then so is Specimen Days, which employs a similar design.

Our DVD player is dead. Doesn't play any discs at all now. Guess we'll have to buy a new one. At least they're cheap nowadays.

Last night Heather and I decided to take an evening off from wedding-stuff, and went out to Fenton's Creamery for a greasy diner meal and vast quantities of ice cream. I can't remember the last time I ate a chili cheeseburger! And the banana split I had was divine. Mmm.

I expect this next week to fly by at the speed of, hmm, something very fast indeed. I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday I pick up my tux and run some errands (hopefully with my buddy D., who is performing the ceremony, in tow). Friday we have the rehearsal and a wine-and-cheese reception for out-of-town guests. (Details to follow via e-mail for any of y'all out-of-towners who are coming.) Saturday, of course, is the big day! Less than a week now. It's crazy. I'm very excited. It should be a total blast. Hurray, rites of passage!

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