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Pretty Really Very Soon Now
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One day until the wedding.

10:15 Friday morning, here and now, cup of coffee on the desk and Rilo Kiley on the stereo, and it's getting hot again already. We were worried it would turn cold and rainy for the wedding, but instead it's Indian summer to the nth degree, which is better than being cold, I reckon.

It's been a busy few days, as you might imagine. Wednesday night Heather and I went out with D. and my mom and sister to get some dinner, which was fun. I also wrote my vows (and am fairly happy with them). Yesterday I ran around a bit, with D. to keep me company. Went to pick up my tux, which is so stylish it makes my eyeballs hurt. Makes me feel like a different person (or at least a better version of myself) when I wear it. After getting the tux and grabbing a quick lunch with D. (in which we discussed the merits of various films, mostly), we swung by the offices of A Certain Magazine. Neil Gaiman was in town for his Anansi Boys signing tour, and he was up at the house for an interview. We got there just as everyone was sitting down to drink champagne in celebration of Anansi Boys debuting at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list. D. is the guy who first introduced me to Sandman way back in college, and Gaiman is his favorite writer, so it was especially fun for him to get to meet Neil. We even had a few minutes to chat with Neil about this and that, during which Neil recommended The Alan Coren Omnibus, which had been his airplane reading for the first part of the tour; I think I'll order it, as it sounds hilarious. We got a couple of books signed before Neil had to sit down for the interview proper. Then I took D. to the wedding site to show him where we'd be doing the ceremony. A productive and pleasant afternoon.

I've been fighting a cold for three days, and it was at its worst yesterday. I slept for much of the early evening, and Heather and I didn't get together with any of our out-of-town friends and relations who are here. We were just too tired, and wanted an evening to settle our jangly nerves. I was coughing non-stop when I tried to sleep, and finally gave in and took some cough medicine with codeine. So it was, hmm, after 2 a.m. before my coughing stopped and I was able to sleep. The first phone call came at 8:30 this morning, followed swiftly by two or three other calls. But apparently 6 hours was enough sleep to heal me, because I feel pretty much better today, even unmedicated. As long as I don't lose my voice, I'm not too worried. I've done readings when I was so hungover I couldn't stand up, so I can do a wedding with a cold, easy!

This morning is relatively peaceful. We're meeting up with our wedding party people this afternoon, and doing a rehearsal at about 4:30. Then having dinner, and afterward a wine-and-cheese party for out-of-towners. Should be great fun! And tomorrow, da-dum, the big day!

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