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SF Revu Review
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(I'm trying to mark these review-of-Rangergirl entries clearly, so you can skip 'em if you're sick of hearing about them... but this journal is as much a record for me as anything else, so I want to keep compiling them here.)

Ernest Lilley at SF Revu has a nice one here:

American gods? You want American gods? Shoot. Well, we got your American gods right here, right behind that door, and they’re not lame Norse has-been gods, nosiree. They're gen-you-eye-ne sagebrush and desert chaos and evil with barbed wire teeth and gunbarrel eyed gods. We’ve got the Outlaw, and he's not just bad folks... he's an earthquake with boots. Now, now…don’t you worry none. Rangergirl can handle the Outlaw and keep you all safe, just like she’s been doing in every one of her comics, ever since she opened the door in her apartment to find a wilder west beyond it. And shucks... that's all just comic book stuff anyway. Ain't nohow that Outlaw can come to life from those pages and cross back through the door to our world. Well, almost nohow... and of course, therein lies our tale.

(Personally, I didn't think Gaiman's Norse has-been gods were lame... but my favorite myths of America are those of the Old West, I must admit.)

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