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If I Had a Radio
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Good days, peeps. Had a nice phone conversation last night with a friend about some crazy publishing opportunities. (I seldom talk on the phone, generally hate talking on the phone, but for some reason I've enjoyed it lately.) Today I heard from Rick Kleffel at The Agony Column. He wants to do an interview with me (by e-mail for a print piece, and in person later for a radio broadcast). I was thinking of going down to Santa Cruz for my birthday weekend anyway, and the timing works out beautifully. We'll go visit Scott & Lynne, I'll duck out for a while on Saturday for the interview, and then go back to the festivities. Beautiful.

I have all those spare copies of Rangergirl, so I'm going to bookcrossing a copy at Caffe Pergolesi, the loose analogue to the café from my novel, when I'm down there in a couple of weeks.

Today (my once-fortnightly day off, nicely situated to give me a five-day weekend) I went grocery shopping, early early. Got a small turkey, so Heather and I can nosh on turkey all weekend, and lots of other groceries. I like shopping early. It's not crowded (even the day before Thanksgiving), people aren't surly, and the shelves aren't all picked over. I've been answering e-mails this morning, and have some administrivia/publicity things to do, including another e-mail interview thingy for Slow Trains. I imagine I'll spend the afternoon working on the Bridge novel. It'll be good to get back into that for an uninterrupted stretch.

I came down with a bad case of the sniffles last night. Nyquil made it possible for me to sleep until about 6 a.m., but after that, I had the use of only one nostril. I'm on dayquil now, which gives me an unpleasant buzz, but keeps my head from filling with phlegm. Sigh. Don't know where the cold came from, but I hope it goes away soon. I'm guzzling orange juice and taking it easy.

Hope y'all have lots to be thankful for tomorrow.

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