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Weekend Miscellany
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Squidmeister and fungal underlord Jeff VanderMeer is having a big ol' book sale, complete with free-gifts-with-purchase. I don't know if I'll be able to buy anything -- our finances are still a rather delicate ecosystem, and the butterfly's wing-flap of an impulse buy could lead to hurricanes -- but y'all definitely should. Lots of goodies there.

Look at me, being out of bed before 10:00 a.m. on a Sunday! (Superbowl Sunday, no less! Which means the grocery store will be really uncrowded when we go shopping this afternoon!) I've got a pot of Bella Donovan brewing (from Blue Bottle Coffee), which is an early contender for Best New Crack of 2006. Mmm.

Any minute now I should be getting a Skype call from the guys at The Dragon Page podcasting consortium, to do a little interview. I will be insufficiently caffeinated and incomprehensible, probably, but it's nice of them to ask me.

(Ah, and they just called, and we did the interview, and I don't know if I was incomprehensible or not. It'll be online February 20, so y'all can tell me then.)

Yesterday was really rather nice. We got up and took our wonderful happily-running car into Berkeley, to get my hair cut. (It's all short again.) Then we ambled! Grabbed a bite and a pint at Triple Rock Brewery, and then went to the Farmer's Market to replenish our coffee and egg and goat cheese supplies. The weather was gorgeous, and we had a good walk. Then it was home again, for a little housecleaning, a little reading, a little game playing, etc. I finished Charles de Lint's Triskell Tales 2 (some good stories there, and one really great one), and started Etchison's Fine Cuts. We watched some stuff on the magical glorious Tivo. We ate take-out momos from the Himalayan place in Berkeley for dinner. As nice a Saturday as I could wish for, really.

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