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Whoo! It is, indeed, the holy day for a certain saint who did a lot of interesting things in Ireland (and to all who celebrate holy days or Irishness, enjoy!), but in my personal mythology, it's more important as the meetaversary: the anniversary of the day I met Heather, five years ago. That meeting very tangibly changed my life. I was smitten with her instantly, and we began corresponding and dating long-distance, taking turns driving from Santa Cruz to Oakland and vice versa (Heather did most of the driving, because Santa Cruz was a better destination than Oakland!). Ultimately I decided not to move to New York that autumn as I'd originally planned (I had many reasons for choosing to stay in California, but the desire to keep seeing Heather was certainly one of them). When my job in Santa Cruz ended late that summer, Heather let me move in with her in Oakland. That act of faith and kindness on her part worked out beautifully. It led to my living in Oakland, getting a job at A Certain Magazine, and to the whole present state of my life. All because Mary Anne Mohanraj invited me to a brunch at Heather's house. Just think, if I'd decided not to make the drive up to Oakland that day, how different might my life be?

We've got a wedding anniversary to celebrate now, it's true, but today will always be special to me. It's the day I met the single most important and beloved person in my life.


It's going to be a nail-biting weekend. I'm waiting to hear back about some potentially very exciting publishing news, but there isn't going to be any movement until next week at the earliest, so. I'll just try not to obsess about wonderful possibilities. Expect the worst, and you can only ever be pleasantly surprised.


Our car is unhappy. It's leaking coolant from some not-very-obvious location. (I don't see or smell it leaking, but it's going somewhere, because I've had to top off the resevoir tank a couple of times in the past week, and I'm getting really sick of that warning light). So we'll take it to the shop tomorrow, and hope it's something cheap and easy to fix. Wish me luck. I don't want to spend all the money I've got put aside for Tropism Press projects on car repairs! (Which would just mean putting Tropism Press stuff on a credit card, but, damn, I hate putting stuff on credit cards.)


Friday friday friday. Friday friday friday whoo!

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