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Springing Leaks
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Spring is here, though it's been gray for the past couple of days (the weekend was glorious and beautiful, however).

It's been a rough couple of days. I've been running a fever intermittently, and coughing a lot. Stupid cold. I've been catching every freaking cold that passes through town this year. And since the magazine goes to press this week (tomorrow, specifically), I couldn't stay home sick today. Definitely can't skip tomorrow, either. Too much to do on the magazine. So I'm drinking tea and going to bed early.

Have recently received some good news, and some less good news, neither of which I can really talk about. So it goes. Here's some good news I can talk about: Got notice of a reprint sale today for more money than the story originally sold for. I love delicious free reprint money. Some bad news, which is inextricably tangled with good news: I got tax forms today from Hayakawa SF that I have to fill out to prevent the Japanese government from taking 20% of my payment for taxes. This also requires requesting and receiving a form from the US government that confirms I'm a US resident. I looked at the IRS form online, and it bewildered me. I'm hoping this is because I'm feverish, and not because I'm really stupid. I'll give it another go when I'm feeling better.

Been reading The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross. It's nice to read something purely for pleasure, not to review or critique. I can read it a lot less critically, and that's nice.

Hrm. I took a hot bath a bit ago. I never take baths, but I feel like crap and can't miss work tomorrow, so I'll try anything. I can recuperate on Thursday. It's my day off, and all I have to do is write a book review and take the car back to the shop. Sigh.

Oh, right, I never gave y'all the story of the car. So, we took it to the shop on Saturday (where it sat all day while Heather and I wandered around Piedmont Ave., sat in the tea bar, snoozed on benches, had a huge breakfast, etc., not in that order). Turns out the little sensor inside the engine, which is supposed to turn on the fan when the engine gets too hot, was broken. So this little $25 part wasn't working, so the fan wasn't coming on, so the radiator filled with CRAZY BOILING COOLANT, and popped at the weakest point. Hence, a hole in the radiator, and coolant running out. Because of the failure of a $25 part, I had to pay $800 in parts and labor to get a new radiator. And I get to go back to the shop on Thursday to get a new sensor, because the replacement sensor they put in initially is malfunctioning, and making all the warning lights on the dash glow merrily. Which is stressful for my poor fevered mind.

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