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It seems summer is my season to sell stories. "Life in Stone" is going to be podcast at Escape Pod; whoo! The exquisite cruelty of Mr. Zealand will reach a whole new audience...

The weekend was very fine. Heather and I spent Saturday in full-on raucous frolic, enjoying the weather, and the air, and one another. Today we puttered around the house for a while, then went to see Pirates of the Caribbean part 2 at the nice air-conditioned theater. I thought it was a great (half of) a movie! I wonder how many of the numerous bad reviews were from people who expected it to be a complete film unto itself? Because, yes, on that scale, it fails, but as the middle of a trilogy, I thought it was lovely. And the wondrous grotesquerie of Davy Jones's crew was worth the price of admission alone. Also: Best Tentacles Ever. Makes me want to write a pirate story, and I'm not inherently a pirate sort of guy.

I forgot to mention, there's another bit of me over at the Meme Parade, this time blathering about alternative air travel: Read it here.

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