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Summertime continues to be Story Time. I just heard from my friend Maria Tabor -- poet, editor, teacher, and Flytrap contributor, who I knew in North Carolina, and who now lives in California -- that she'd like to publish my story "Jen at the Crossroads" in the new journal she edits, Ping Pong. It's sponsored by the Henry Miller Library down in Big Sur, which is not a library in the usual book-lending sense, but is a sort of active memorial / performance space dedicated to Miller's memory, and to the beauty of Big Sur.

"Jen at the Crossroads" is part of a triptych that includes my story "The Scent of Copper Pennies" and poem "Forking Paths" (originally published in Strange Horizons under the name "God of the Crossroads", though it's appearing under its original title in my upcoming poetry collection). I'm so glad the last part of that triptych is finally being published. It feels like I'm exhaling a breath I've been holding for too long. The three pieces explore the idea of missed opportunities with imagery ranging from many-worlds theory to the loa Papa Legba, opener of the way.

Otherwise, life is busy. The August issue of A Certain Magazine goes to press tomorrow, so that will be even busier. Heather's leaving for Comic-Con tomorrow, too. So tomorrow night I'll be tired and lonely. Ah, well. I'll order in Chinese food or something. Lemon chicken will ease the pain.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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