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Multiple Disasters
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Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes these past few days. I'm feeling much better today. Still coughing, but the fever is gone and shows no sign of returning.

Today is my day off! I did some freelance work in the morning, and have spent the afternoon cleaning house, mostly. Also sorting my big mound of 2006 receipts into some kind of order, to make doing taxes less painful when the time comes. I had a very good year last year, which is nice, except that the government wants their cut of my money. I paid quarterly taxes, but it remains to be seen whether I paid enough...

Got some cool news today, though. Innovative fiction impresario Benjamin Rosenbaum got together a few other writers -- specifically me, Christopher Barzak, Elad Haber, Meghan McCarron, Kiini Ibura Salaam, and Greg van Eekhout -- a while back and asked us to join him in contributing to an interesting project. The result is called "Twenty-three Small Disasters," and Ben just told us it will be published at Ideomancer! I'll let you guys know when it goes live. It's very, very cool, and I'm glad to be a part of it. (I'd be more specific about the project, but, well, it's kind of hard to describe, and besides, it'll be more interesting for you to discover its nature yourself in due time).

I gotta say, this whole week feels kinda unhitched from reality to me. Being sick, the weird weather, my strange eating habits (I have no appetite from being sick, so I'm eating pretty randomly), etc., all contributing to an air of unreality. I should go sit in the yard and write some ecstatic poetry or something. Or maybe I'll just read one of the books my buddy D. sent me for Christmas.

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